Card Crawl v2.4 + Mod – Card game and fun “Black Cards” for Android + Trailer
Normal version + Mod version (unlocked) individually
tested with offline execution

Card Crawl – Black hole cards is a fun game and one of the well-made and selected Google Play card titles by the German studio Arnold Rauers, formerly known as TiNYTOUCHTALES. This game is produced and developed for free and has been published on Google Play. Arnold Rauers creator of works such as Card Thief and ENYOAnd the main focus of this developer is on making card and fantasy games. Card Crawl is a title that has a lot of experience behind it, and therefore this game is one of the most popular games in this studio. Card Crawl has a similar style and context as other games of this studio, especially Card Thief, and its generality, especially its graphic design and general gameplay, is very similar to these titles. In this game you travel to a huge dungeon. Where all kinds of monsters live. Your job is to try to defeat the monsters and defeat them with the help of card competitions. To do this, you must use the cards you have strategically and professionally. Each deck in each game contains 54 cards. This category consists of many cards and each card has its own characteristics and capabilities.


Card Crawl


In Card Crawl, you have a list of specific items in the game. This list has limited positions so you can not collect as many items as you want in that item. So you have to constantly use the items you have in hand and create a kind of flow cycle so that your seats never have a full space. In each hand, you can use 5 positions or, more simply, 5 items related to specific skills. It is up to you to manage this list and it is you who can manage your list before the games start and put the required items in the list. The games are in the form of individual competitions and have 4 main modes. All these sections by Google Play GamesSupported and their achievements will be recorded on your account. In the same way, a global leaderboard has been created so that users can compete for better rankings in these leaderboards by earning better scores. During the game and by completing the steps, you can earn special points such as gold. With the help of gold, you can also buy 35 more features or new tactics. Overall, Card Crawl is a fun and competitive game for professionals and card-style gamers. So if you are not one of these people and do not have a good relationship with card and board games, Card Crawl may be boring for you. This beautiful game is now ready to download along with a modded version of the Usroid box download section . According to the game developer, each hand of the game typically lasts 2 to 3 minutes.

Changes in version v2.4:

* Apply minor changes and fix bugs