Cast for Chromecast – TV Streaming & Screen Share v1.1.8 – App to connect the phone to Chromecast Android
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Cast for Chromecast – TV Streaming & Screen Share is an application for connecting the phone to the Chromecast dongle, which was developed by EVOLLY.APP and published on Google Play. The high popularity of smartphones in different operating systems has led to the growth of various gadgets. A huge range of these gadgets are for the Android operating system! An operating system that constantly strives to meet all the needs of its users. One of the most useful of these gadgets are dongles. With a dongle, we can connect our smartphone to our TV without any restrictions and gain a better experience in this field. However, the user interface that connects our device to the dongle is very important and has a big impact on the quality of the files played. Cast for Chromecast software – TV Streaming & Screen Share is one of the best ways to connect Android phones to the Chromecast dongle. By providing a user-friendly interface, this startup allows you to easily connect to Chromecast and run your files on different TVs. Unlike many similar tools available in the Android Market, this app gives you the ability to run different files in a variety of formats. It can be said that the above program is a suitable solution for sharing the screen of an Android phone with TVs. The playback quality is very high and we will not face any impact when running or managing our files. Another notable feature of the above software is viewing images from the phone camera on the TV as a quality stream, which is very attractive in its kind and has various applications in different cases. In addition, when connecting your mobile phone to Chromecast, you do not face any complications and everything happens quickly!

Some features and capabilities of Cast for Chromecast – TV Streaming & Screen Share Android app:

  • Connect Android smartphones to Chromecast dongles
  • Play pictures, music and video files on your TV screen
  • Share Android phone screen with TV screen
  • Broadcast live images through the smartphone camera on the TV screen
  • Very high speed in communication between this Android app and your phone
  • Superb playback quality with minimal latency

App Cast for Chromecast – TV Streaming & Screen Share to benefit from the features and functionality of its own by the developer it for free along with the interstitial 20.99 dollars have been published can now use the newest version Premium from database Download the huge Usroid website .


Cast for Chromecast - TV Streaming & Screen Share