Cat on a Diet v1.0.1 + Mod – Cat and cookie puzzle game for Android
Original version + Mod version (unlock + unlimited power-up)
Tested with offline execution

Cat on a Diet – Cats and Cookies is a new and entertaining game in the style of fun and intellectual games from NAWIA GAMES game development studio for Android devices , which was released hours ago at a price of $ 3.49 on Google Play, and again, as always, we decided for the first time in IranIntroduce it to you, the lovers of intellectual games, and bring it to your ecstasy once again! A cat can eat a lot of cookies alone! Let’s try this! While the owner is sleeping, help the lovely cat on Cat on a Diet reach for the glass cookie jar! In this fun game, there is a set of 100 stages that can keep you entertained for hours! The main goal in the game path is to find a way to reach the cookie jar! You can browse the living room, attic, lab, etc. to get the cat to the cookie bowl to help complete the steps! There are also small and interesting puzzles in front of you that you should try to complete in the form of 3 stars! It’s your job to discover what that is and to bring it about. A few basic steps of Cat on a DietYou can easily and without challenge, but after that and the arrival of new items such as electricity and… the excitement is doubled and you will be very challenged to collect cookies! If you are a fan of unique and intellectual Android games that are worth downloading, try Cat on a Diet!


Cat on a Diet Android Games


Cat on a Diet game has no sales until the moment we are introducing it in Usroid , and by downloading and installing it, you will be one of the first global users to experience it! General features of Cat on a Diet can include hundreds of challenging stages; Having a wide range of items such as clothing for cat customization; Use special tools such as magnets and… to make cookies easier to collect; Fantastic design with addictive gameplay and its excellent build in general!

Changes in version v1.0.1:

* Various optimizations and game troubleshooting.