Mastering v1.0.0 Caustic apply different effects to the songs in the Android
version of money and bought a $ 4.99 app on Google Play

One of the main steps in making any song is the mastering stage. At this stage, it tries to have the best quality output by applying various effects and full control over the recorded sounds. Even if all the steps of making a song are done perfectly and perfectly but do not have good mastering, the final effect will be unpleasant for the listener. Mastering is done by experts using special devices in music studios. But with the program that we introduce to you today, you can do this completely on your Android devices as well. Caustic MasteringTitle is a great application for mastering audio files and applying various effects on it, along with many features, for the Android operating system, which was developed by the Single Cell Software software group and published on Google Play for $ 4.99. In this program you can access a wide range of tools for mastering and editing audio files. It is possible to use audio files in WAV, Ogg, ‌ MP3 and FLAC formats with any size and quality. Files can also be imported from any other audio editing program with compatible output. After importing the files, you can use the plus (+) button to select different types of tools and add the program. You can enable or disable tools by swiping their names. After performing various edits, you can output the files created in WAV, Ogg, ‌ MP3 and FLAC formats with the highest possible quality. In this program, you can increase the quality of audio files and increase or decrease the volume for different frequencies to the desired level. If you feel that the settings you have created can be used on other songs, you can save it as an effect in the app itself. It is also possible to save projects and work on them again in the application.

Some of the features and functionality of the program Caustic Mastering Android :

  • graphic EQ ten bands
  • Full 6-band parametric equalizer with the ability to work on central frequencies
  • Improved stereo mode on the track with mono mode test
  • Ability to adjust the intensity of effects in different parts of the program
  • Ability to work on low or high frequencies separately
  • Audio exciter to create exciting mood in songs
  • Real RMS compressor
  • Three-band compressor
  • Look-ahead limiter
  • Provide the best possible output in various formats
  • Ability to save the project to continue working at another time
  • Ability to save effects
  • Very professional and efficient user interface
  • Very small volume of applications

Application Caustic Mastering the consent of Android users is managed by Mathias excellent 4.5 out of 5.0 out of Google users receive. Now you can get the paid and purchased version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free. This program has been introduced at the collective request of you dear ones.

Version v1.0.0 changes :

* Release the initial version of the software


Caustic Mastering