CCSWE App Manager (ROOT) v6.1.1 Complete and professional application management application in Android Professional and complete
version of the application dedicated to you dear ones
needs to be rooted

One of the most important advantages of smartphones and tablets is the ability to install various software and applications on them. The design of the Android operating system, as well as the powerful hardware embedded in smartphones, allows it to add very interesting features and capabilities by developing various applications for it. You must have installed many of these applications on your phone or tablet. As you may have noticed by now, installing a large number of applications on a smartphone disrupts the performance of the device. In addition to occupying the device memory, various applications also take up a large amount of device RAM. This causes, when we want to run a new program on the phone, the device هنگ hangs and is not able to run the program or ‌ exits it while the program is running. CCSWE App Manager (ROOT) Pro is an application for complete and professional management of applications in Android, published by Cory Charlton. Using this application, you can speed up your Android phone by deleting or completely disabling applications while freeing up device memory. Note that you must have root access to use the features of this application.

Some features and capabilities of CCSWE App Manager (ROOT) Android application :

  • Ability to delete all data of various applications, even system applications
  • Ability to disable all Android services and device recipients
  • Ability to hide the application icon without removing it from the device
  • Ability to save the list of packages installed on the device
  • Ability to freeze (disable) applications
  • Ability to delete all applications (even Android system applications)
  • Ability to view all services related to the application

The CCSWE App Manager (ROOT) app is a must-have app for those who install various apps and games on their Android phone, and their Android device ‌ has slowed down due to the installation of these apps. CCSWE App Manager (ROOT) provides a complete list of all installed applications and Android system applications and services, and you can apply various controls to it by selecting the desired program. With the satisfaction of users, this program has been able to receive a score of 3.7 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. Now you can get the professional version of this program, along with all the accesses and facilities, from Usroid for free and restore the power of your device.

Changes in version v6.1.1:

* Added new features and various optimizations.


CCSWE App Manager (ROOT)