Celtic Tribes – Building Strategy MMO v5.7.28 – Interesting and Entertaining Game for Android + Trailer
A fun and lightweight title in the MMO genre
Tested by playing online

Celtic Tribes – Building Strategy MMO – قبایل سلتیک is an entertaining and interesting game in the strategy and tactical genre that has been produced and released for free with in-app purchases. The German studio XYRALITY GmbH is responsible for the development and publication of this game for Android mobile devices and tablets. Celtic Tribes – Building Strategy MMO is an MMO Real-Time Strategy game where you compete with other players in vast lands. In Celtic Tribes – Building Strategy MMO, you enter the world of the Celts (especially the North European lands of Ireland) and participate in battles of Celtic tribes. You are one of these tribes that has a small part of the beautiful and green land of Gaul. There are dozens and hundreds of other tribes around you, all of which are led by real players in this game. Not only you, but everyone who is active in this game must try their best to expand and develop their tribe. You must also turn your small tribe into a small village and then into a city with effort and sensitive measures, and ultimately turn your city into a great empire! You have two main methods for these tasks. The first method is to expand the borders of your village peacefully and cooperate with other tribes and combine forces with them, or the second method, which is the favorite method of the Celts! Deadly battles to conquer neighboring lands!


Celtic Tribes - Building Strategy MMO


In the game Celtic Tribes – Building Strategy MMO, you can become great and civilized by advancing in it. When your power is strong enough, your enemies will decrease, and everyone wants to join you. But otherwise, you can be a prey for stronger tribes and lose your village in a few moments. So, the first and probably the most important point in Celtic Tribes – Building Strategy MMO is to try to strengthen and expand your village. The overall game follows fixed images. If you have experienced web-based strategy games before, such as the famous game Travian, you will surely notice the similarity of Celtic Tribes with these types of games from the first encounter. Celtic Tribes – Building Strategy MMO is built on such titles, and this has caused the final size of the game to decrease significantly. There is not much news about animations and moving effects in this game, and its overall structure is like an image on the map. By clicking on each item, you can see its specific descriptions and options on a separate page, and follow the game in the same way to attack surrounding villages. Although this approach may not be interesting for many modern players, it does not prevent the game from being challenging and attractive. The focus of Celtic Tribes – Building Strategy MMO is on its strategic nature, not on its graphics and designs, which is why fans of this game are among professional players in the strategy genre. If you are one of these people, do not hesitate and download the latest official version of this game for free from Usroid now.

  1. The game requires internet access and currently the game servers are active and accessible on Iranian networks.
  2. The game has dozens of different servers and upon first entry, a recommended server will be introduced to you. Each server is a separate section and you must create a new tribe to play on each one.
  3. Currently, there is no modified version of this game available and it is likely that the game cannot be hacked. Please refrain from asking this question in the comments section.
  4. The game can be installed and played without the need for external data, but it may be necessary to download some necessary information from within the game.