Chemistry is one of the main sciences and one of the oldest in all human societies. Chemistry is a science that studies the constituents of the world and is the result of human curiosity for thousands of years. Chemistry has made great strides in recent centuries, and its amount of information is far greater than ever. During these years, many elements were discovered and scientists were able to obtain the most basic materials in the construction of the world and even make fundamental changes in the building blocks of the world. Chemistry has many applications in today’s world and is used to make a variety of devices, drugs, food, fuel and other materials. Because of this widespread use, chemistry is taught to students in public schools in schools around the world. Of course, there are also disciplines in universities that deal with this science in a more specialized and advanced way. In teaching chemistry, like all other sciences, special tools are used, the most famous of which is the periodic table of elements. Today in Usroid, we are at your service with a virtual tool for teaching chemistry.ChemistryTitle is an application for accessing basic information about chemistry and the building blocks of the world, for the Android operating system, developed by David Šimák and published for free on Google Play. This program contains a lot of information about chemistry focusing on elements and compounds. A complete periodic table is also embedded in the program where you can name the elements, symbol of elements, atomic number of each element, relative atomic mass, state of the element, crystallographic system, electronegativity, density, resistance of the element to the passage of electricity, oxidation number And access other information. To make it easier to access more information about each element, a Wikipedia link is provided for each element, which can be moved to the element page on Wikipedia to get more detailed and complete information. It is also possible to search for compounds by their name or formula. In the new version of the program, images of elements have also been added

Some features and capabilities of Android Chemistry program :

  •  Includes complete information about chemical elements and their names
  •  Includes a complete periodic table with all the required information
  •  Display detailed information of each element such as name, atomic number, atomic mass, element state, electrical resistance and more
  •  Includes a link to access each element page on Wikipedia
  •  Ability to search for compounds by their name or pattern
  •  Display the image associated with each element

Application Chemistry program is very efficient and useful for all students who have recently been released and are completely free on Google Play. Now you can download the original version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free. You can download the Android app with one click. 

Changes in version v2.1 : 

* Fixed bugs and bugs in the program