Chess Master 2013 in Persian (Chess Master) is one of the best and most challenging chess games for the Android operating system, which is one of the oldest and at the same time the most popular sports games . This game uses a powerful engine to challenge you and if you can beat it, then do not miss the game! This game challenges you to the fullest and you have to defeat and win using the strategy and tactics of your friends or the powerful engine of the program.

Some features of Chess Master 2013 Android game:

* Ability to increase the ability by collecting medals related to each competition

* Having excellent graphics and good quality

* Having different difficulty levels by featured AI engine

* Having a practice mode with five different difficulty levels

* Play with friends and increase the challenge and excitement as much as possible

Today in Usroid , we have provided you with the latest version of Chess Master 2013 , which you can download with one click.

 Changes in version v13.08.29:

* Update the game AI to become stronger

* Ability to check Mark Star championships

* Minor bug fixes and icon changes


Download Chess Master 2013 - Android professional chess game