Chromer – Browser v2.0 Beta – High-speed and lightweight browser application Google Chrome Android
Original version with access to all features

We all look for fast and secure browsers to browse the web that we can easily meet our needs and experience a fun web browsing. One of the best security browsers of the Android operating system is Google Chrome, which has performed poorly in some cases and its shortcomings have not been fixed yet. Chromer – Browser is a fast and light browser similar to Google Chrome by Arunkumar for AndroidDeveloped and published in the big Google Play Market. As mentioned at the beginning of the description, you should know that this browser is based on the engines available in Google Chrome and can be considered a more optimized version. Quickly access various sites and search for them without any security issues. Apart from the common features seen in most web browsers, the article mode allows you to view only the content on a page without any additional images or ads and read the existing text carefully. It is worth mentioning that any of your activities are synchronized with Google Chrome on your Android device and you will have access to them on all devices.

Some features and capabilities of Chromer – Browser Android application:

  • Custom Chrome tabs for faster rendering and easy access to pages
  • Supports a variety of mobile pages in different sizes
  • Article mode to access the text of the pages without any ads
  • Load pages in the background
  • The system converts links to bubble icons on the screen
  • Sync all your activities with Google Chrome
  • Customize the various options available

Chromer – Browser application has been able to attract users’ attention by supporting the main source of Google Chrome and receive a score of 4.6 out of 5.0 by them, which you can now download their latest version without any restrictions from the large and popular Usroid website . Do; The program does not need to be cracked and all its features are available.

Version v2.0 changes:

* Compatibility with Android 8
* Improved app capabilities.


Chromer - Browser