Chrooma Keyboard Pro v5.1.1 – Chroma Super Keyboard for Android devices with Persian language support,
professional and unlocked version with access to all features, presented to you at your
request, dear ones

Keyboards are an integral part of smart devices, a static and functional application that you also see by default on Android devices, an important part of smart devices that are everywhere before us; If we are going to send a message to our friend, the keyboard is involved in this operation. If we want to send a message or comment to a person on social networks, it will still appear by clicking on the relevant section of the cold screen, and in this regard. We realize that the most important and most widely used part of the devices are these keyboards and we have to choose one of the best of them, a keyboard that, in addition to giving us spirits, can type words for us in the easiest way possible! To date, we have introduced various keyboard applications for Android, the most important of which are Swift Keyboard , Go Keyboard and Google Keyboard.Pointed out and have been well received; Today, it is the turn of the popular but unfamiliar Chroma keyboard, which is introduced at the request of one of the Usroid children! With the fast and lightweight  Chrooma Keyboard Pro, you can write your texts in a beautiful environment [which of course can be customized]! Chrooma Keyboard AI wants you to type sentences faster by predicting words, and it has been successful in this way! Some of the special features of this keyboard have made it the best keyboard of 2016, and they can have a night mode, the ability to arrange the keyboard buttons as desired, multilingual typing, support for beautiful emojis and a wide range. One of the themes mentioned that it supports all living languages ​​of the world, including Persian sweetsHas also increased its popularity! Would you like to test the Chrooma Keyboard Pro and say what score out of 5 is worth getting !?


Chrooma Keyboard Pro Android


Chrooma Keyboard app currently has a good score of 4.2 out of 5.0 in the Play Store , which has been downloaded more than 5 million times by Android users around the world, and today in Usroid , we have released the latest and most recent version for download. It is professional and complete that includes all the features and you can use all of them without any time limit and enjoy having a great keyboard!