Chuzzle 2 v2.0.4 + Mod – “Puzzle 2” puzzle and puzzle game for Android device
Normal version + mod version (infinite money + remove ads) separately
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Chuzzle 2 is the name of the second game in the Chuzzle series, the first version of which was produced by PopCap Games in 2006 and released for the PC platform, and after nearly 14 years, the second version of this game was also produced, but this Apart from home computers, this game was also made and released for Android and iOS operating systems, so that PopCap Games will present its franchise to a wider audience this time. This game has been remade and ported by the American studio Raptisoft for mobile phones. Chuzzle 2 is a puzzle title with the popular Match 3 gameplay that will be simple and fun for anyone of any age to do. Chazelle is the name of the fake creatures in this game. Chazels are cute little creatures in different colors. Your task is to put the same and similar puzzles next to each other (either horizontally or vertically). The minimum number required to complete a section of the puzzle is three items, but if you can put a few colored pieces next to each other with your movements, you will get much more points. All you have to do is select one of the puzzles with your finger and drag it left, right, up or down to move that row one step in the desired direction. In the same way, you should arrange the puzzles of the same color one after the other so that by placing them next to each other, any similar number that is more than 3 will be eliminated and their desired score will be considered for you.


Chuzzle 2


In Chuzzle 2, of course, there are special challenges such as various obstacles and threats that will make it a little difficult for you. That’s why this game is a puzzle title and a kind of thought, and you have to consider its aspects before you want to make your move. These funny puzzles are stuck in these stages and it’s up to you to save them. Chuzzle 2 has other interesting parts, which of course have more of a fun aspect. For example, the creator of the game has tried to give players a break between stages by animating these creatures and showing interesting movements on their part. Another part of the game is called Puzzle Room, which includes puzzles and classic puzzles. In this section, you have to reconstruct an image that is divided into several parts by placing the puzzle pieces next to each other. You can also earn various items by earning points and money. Chuzzle 2 game is a simple entertainment with fancy and colorful designs that can entertain you with its freshness and vitality! This lovely game can be downloaded in two normal and modded versions from the download section of Usroid site at the end of this article. The game has more than 1 million downloads and also has a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 on Google Play.