CircleLauncher is a very interesting and popular widget for displaying the circle of applications and games that you deal with a lot on the home screen of your Android smartphone. This widget allows you to place the most used software, games, contacts and bookmarks on the home screen with a beautiful interface and attractive animations.

In addition to arranging the programs in a circle, you have the option to place them vertically or horizontally and make various settings such as the type of display software, display style and custom software to display and make it according to Customize to your liking.


Download CircleLauncher - Circular application widget


Using the icon pack and selecting custom icons for each application is another feature of the CircleLauncher widget, which is currently priced at $ 1 in the Android Market. You can download the latest version of the CircleLauncher application with a direct link and for free from Usroid for your Android smartphone.

 Changes in version v3.7

* Fixed various problems and performance improvements