v4.12 Circuit Calculator. Let’s Make Electronics Easier ! Tools specialized electronics for Android devices  
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At first, smartphones were used only for entertainment and Internet connection, but gradually many features were added to them that made them much more practical and useful than before. Various developers try to make the best use of the hardware and capabilities available on smartphones and tablets, and try to help develop tasks faster and achieve faster results by developing different applications. These days, all kinds of applications have been produced for mobile operating systems, which even do specialized and scientific work and help a lot in calculations and.. This has made smartphones even more useful today than even personal computers, and they do things that we can’t do with computers.  Circuit Calculator. Let’s Make Electronics Easier ! As a comprehensive application to perform a variety of calculations and design electronic circuit completely offline, for the Android operating system is developed by software VDV published on Google Play at a price of $ 11.99. This application is a set of specialized tools required in the field of electronics that will help you perform the required calculations as quickly as possible. More than 80 analog circuit topologies, more than 40 electronic calculators, more than 10 specialized articles and logic calculators are among the features that will be provided to you by installing this application. We recommend installing this program to all those who deal with electronics.

Some features and capabilities of Circuit Calculator. Let’s Make Electronics Easier ! Android :

  • Amplifiers
  • Variable power amplifiers
  • Drivers
  • Filters Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass, Bandstop
  • Mathematical operations
  • Electric circuit
  • Active and passive circuits
  • Calculate circuit parameters in known values ​​of its components if possible
  • Logical calculator with 2 to 6 inputs
  • Specialized tools in the field of electronics
  • Application Note ها

Circuit Calculator application . Let’s Make Electronics Easier ! A comprehensive and very useful program for students, teachers and electronics engineers with its comprehensive tools they need to refer to the computer and online tools. This program is offered for money and at a relatively high price on Google Play, which you dear ones can now download the purchased version with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.


Circuit Calculator. Let’s Make Electronics Easier