After introducing the airport version of City Iceland intellectual and urban planning game, today with a more professional and attractive version of this extremely beautiful game called City Island PremiumI am at your service! In the previous version of this game, you had to increase your capital by expanding the airport sector, but in this game, you had to increase your capital by building different buildings and developing the industry sector, and by creating welfare for the citizens with things. Help increase your gold by creating various shops and decorating the city! If you like to create a virtual world on an island and feel the joy of virtual life, do not miss the new City Island Premium game and have hours of fun with it! In this city, you can create +85 new buildings, including hotels, cinemas, offices, bakeries and restaurants, and use them to expand the city and grow your business! You can also place various oil rigs on the sea and collect oil and gas!Games are amazing when it comes to all users interested in games we suggest urban development.

Some features of City Island Premium Android game:

  • A list of 85 + building unique
  • Attract citizens by creating parks, trees and various buildings
  • Construction of accommodation for citizens
  • Collect profits from commercial buildings
  • Upgrade city buildings
  • Collect dozens of game bonuses
  • Expand the city to create more space
  • High speed in construction
  • Play with your friends online [!]

We offer a very beautiful game and excellent quality City Island Premium to all of you users, and this game is currently sold in the Android Market at a price of about $ 5 , which Usroid provides to you for free. Ordinary are placed separately for download next to the mod version, which you have unlimited money in the mod version!

Changes in version v2.22.1:

* Added dozens of new features + various optimizations.


Download City Island Premium 1.0.0 - New City Iceland Android game