CKN Toys: Car Hero v2.2.17 + Mod – Action and recreational game “CKN Toys” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (features mentioned) Tested separately
with offline run

CKN Toys: Car Hero – CKN Toys: Car HeroA childish and exciting game in the style of action-adventure for the Android operating system, which is offered for free but with the possibility of in-app purchase on Google Play and is available to Android users around the world. CKN Toys: Car Hero is a branding game commissioned by the famous Australian YouTubers (Calvin & Kaison), abbreviated as CKN. Calvin and Kaison are two young Australian boys who have become not only the biggest and most lucrative young YouTubers in recent years, but also the most lucrative YouTube channel in Australia. This channel introduces, unboxes and examines children’s toys, and these works are done by these two boys. The idea, which was a completely new and unique idea, quickly became global, and now these two young children earn tens of thousands of dollars a day from their YouTube channel! The channel’s advertising costs are now expanding, and one of the group’s new activities is working with another studio to create an exclusive game about the two children. That’s why CKN Toys, in collaboration with the Italian studio Colto, is an exclusive action-adventure game with a lot of copying of the famous game.Designed and published by Subway Surfers . Usroid, at the same time as publishing this game on Google Play , as the first Iranian website, prepares it and offers it to you dear ones.


CKN Toys: Car Hero


Game CKN Toys: Car HeroAs mentioned, it is a completely childish game with cartoon and fantasy designs and adventure and action themes for children. The audience of this game is exactly children and especially boys between 3 to 8 years old. As we mentioned, the whole game is very similar to Subway Surfers, and this similarity will be quite evident in the first run of the game. During the game you have to ride in a toy car, move forward on the streets of a city or different roads outside the city and collect points for each section. But along the way, you will encounter many challenges and obstacles that you must react to in a timely manner. CKN Toys: Car Hero has been imitated from popular games in this genre, even in the personalization section. In this section, you can buy new cars and customize or upgrade them, as well as buy different skins and clothes for the hero of the game, which is Calvin. Just like Subway Surfers and other similar games, in CKN Toys: Car Hero you can use various boosters while playing the game and experience a lot of excitement. This game is designed for children, but it does not mean that it is boring or boring for adults. Below you can find the latest version of CKN Toys: Car Hero along with a modded version of itDownload Usroid . With 10,000 downloads on Google Play, the game has scored 4.5 out of 5.0 so far.