Clean Calculator is one of the very simple but at the same time stylish machines for Android devices . There are many machines designed for Android devices, several of which we have introduced to date, but this calculator can be a little different; And its difference with other calculators can be found in its simple and stylish user interface!

This software can be useful for students of mathematics, physics and engineering students, in addition to being used by general users, due to its support for sine, cosine, square and other mathematical relations. The above calculator includes different colors to personalize the appearance that you can choose one of the various colors available to your liking. On the other hand, the score of this software in Google Play is 4.5, which can be attributed to its user-friendly user interface.

Some features of Android Clean Calculator:

* Ability to calculate linear functions

* Having different colors to personalize the appearance

* Clean, stylish and at the same time simple interface

* Calculate sine, tangent and ابع functions in mathematics

* No ads and small volume (about 800 KB)

Usroid today provides the latest version of the Clean Calculator application for free to regular users, and we hope you like it. To view images of the environment of this calculator and download it with one click, refer to the following.


Download Clean Calculator - Classic Android calculator




Download Clean Calculator Android



Download Clean Calculator Android



Download Clean Calculator Android