Clean File Manager Premium is one of the best, most popular and most complete file management software for Android smartphones and tablets, which is offered completely free of charge. As you can see, managing files and folders on Android phones has several possibilities, which can not meet the needs of every user; File management software for professional and extensive management of files and folders, of which we have introduced several to date. Today we are going to introduce the powerful Clean File Manager, which is the most popular file manager in the Play Store with a score of 4.7 out of 5 .

With the above file manager software , you can easily and quickly search for your files, manage compressed files and have a general organization on the memory folders and the phone itself. Features, facilities and features of Clean File Manager in general include the following:

* Having two dark and white themes for the appearance of the program with the ability to be selected by the user

* Ability to perform various tasks in groups or individually on files and folders

* Ability to search accurately on files in the phone

* Having a program manager to manage installed games and applications

* Ability to create zip files with zip format and extract this file from compression

* Extract zip files from compression with support for Rar, Tar, Tar.gz, Tgz, Tar.bz2 and Tbz formats

* Perform various tasks of transferring, copying, pasting, deleting and renaming folders and files

* Display thumbnails next to Apk images and installation files

* Browse images, videos and other files in different directories

* Full and optimized support for tablets and smartphones

* Having a completely simple user interface without any ambiguity

Today in Usroid, we have put the premium version of the powerful Clean File Manager Premium application for you, which you can download for free with a direct link…

 Changes in version v1.2.1:

* Added Arabic and Indonesian translations

* Bug fixes


Download Clean File Manager Premium - a popular Android file manager




Download Clean File Manager Premium Android Apk - New



Download Clean File Manager Premium Android Apk - New



Download Clean File Manager Premium Android Apk - New



Download Clean File Manager Premium Android Apk - New