[CleanTop: Cleaner and Booster v1.6.0 [Pro – a powerful Android application,
a professional and complete version of the program worth $ 1.49 for the first time in Iran

One of the types of programs that are widely used by users of smart devices and Usroid site has not failed to publish the best of them so far are cleaners or in other words, tools for strengthening and cleaning. These apps with their special features make it easy to free up a lot of storage memory! CleanTop: Cleaner and Booster Pro as a powerful cleaner and boosterIt is for Android operating system, which was developed by the tasteful and popular developer Mr. Youssef Ouadban and published on Google Play. This application, with its unique tools, allows you to deeply and accurately analyze the memory of your Android device and easily delete any additional files with just one touch. Apart from the cleaner system, there is also a stop technology at the heart of this program, which stops programs without using the background and, in addition to freeing up RAM and increasing the speed of the device, prevents your favorite programs from crashing. Do not miss this simple but at the same time powerful tool and read on to get it.

Some features and capabilities of CleanTop: Cleaner and Booster Android application:

  • Detailed analysis to identify additional files
  • Deep delete extra files to free up storage memory
  • RAM clearing system to increase device speed
  • Extra Task Killer mode for forcibly stopping programs and reducing CPU pressure
  • Reduce battery consumption and increase its life
  • Simple and easy user interface

Application CleanTop: Cleaner and Booster with the formation of several special tools necessary and able to pay in-network $ 1.49 Self- rated 4.9 out of 5.0 by users, Google acquired can now use the newest version of its professional from the site Download Usroid ; Our version includes all the features and you can use them without time limit.