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Calculators, or calculators as usual, can be considered one of the most important human inventions, making many calculations easier and doing them in just a fraction of a second. Today, with the increasing advancement of technology, physical calculators have been somewhat eliminated and applications have replaced them; ClevCalc – Calculator is one of the best of these apps. ClevCalc – Calculator Premium Unlocked is a collection of widely used calculators developed by Cleveni Inc programming studio for Android.It’s been published. The program consists of 15 different calculators that meet the needs of users and easily perform calculations in various fields. The first calculator of this program is a central and widely used calculator that includes a set of mathematical operations and you will be able to solve all kinds of equations with it. In addition to calculators, one of the features is the existing unit conversion systems, which allow users to easily convert different types of units and save a lot of time. . It is better not to miss this unique calculator and join us to read more.

ClevCalc Calculator – Android Calculator:

  • General and comprehensive calculators for calculating all kinds of mathematical equations
  • Great tools for quickly converting units to each other
  • Currency calculator 106 different countries and convert them to each other
  • Store discount calculator
  • Supports clock conversions around the world
  • Menstrual calculator for women
  • Calculating history and special occasions such as birthdays
  • Calculator calculating body mass and basal metabolic rate
  • Calculate the amount of fuel required for the vehicle
  • Hexadecimal converter
  • Calculator calculates loan repayment
  • Tax calculator

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Changes to version v2.18.1:

* Added new features + various optimizations.