CM Browser – Adblock Download v1 – Fast, secure and powerful Android browser – 4.7 out of 5.0 and tens of millions downloaded from Google Play
A simple, fast and low-consumption browser for you Android device owner!
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CM Browser – Adblock Download  A very beautiful and classic browser with a very clean user environment from the programming group Cheetah Mobile Incorporation is the creator of the famous Clean Master application for the Android operating system , which has the best Android browser in only 3 MB . Brings your device! Yes, this compact browser with a very fast and wonderful loading of sites, displaying all blogs and websites in the most beautiful way possible and having a very powerful dedicated antivirus to protect your privacy on the Internet, the best and fastest experience Bring the browser software to your Android smartphone or tablet! To date, we have introduced various browser software for Android, from which you can find popular items such as Firefox., Google Chrome , Habit , Dolphin , Opera and welcomed you, all of which have a large volume, but  CM Browser – Fast & Secure with its very small size will amaze you how with a size of 5 MB Such a high-speed and powerful browser is designed!

Some features and capabilities of CM Browser – Adblock Download Android application:

  • Fast loading and navigation of websites with the least data consumption
  • Having a dedicated antivirus engine to increase security
  • Display alerts if you enter dangerous sites
  • Scan downloaded files before download to maintain device security
  • Options for saving history , cookies and passwords
  • Having settings for browser customization with font size and…
  • Share addresses directly and easily
  • Support for bookmarks to add custom websites to favorites

CM Browser application  – Adblock Download with tens of millions of downloads from Google Play has a score of 4.7 out of 5.0 that we in Usroid today provide you with the latest version that was released just a few minutes ago and we hope it will be useful!

Changes in version v1:

No changes have been mentioned in Google Play for this version of the program.


Download CM (Clean Master) Browser-Fast - high speed Android browser!