Coach’s Eye is a popular and useful application for Android with which you will be able to teach your students through the eyes of an instructor. In this way, you can teach people the correct form and techniques of various sports movements in a professional and accurate way.

This software, which includes a large number of images and short videos, displays a variety of sports movements in slow motion for you, so that you can learn the techniques and working methods accurately by watching. As mentioned, this program includes all the sports of weightlifting, football, volleyball, golf and و and we recommend it to all people interested in learning different sports.

By having this program on your phone, you can get acquainted with all the different mistakes in each sport. Learn the sports in a principled way.

Some features of Coach’s Eye Android app:

* Ability to record images and videos for athlete planning

* Ability to display your videos on the big screen with an HDMI cable

* Ability to slow down the video to detect errors and bugs

* Ability to compare two videos with video analysis

* Ability to zoom in on different parts of the movie

Coach’s Eye application is currently sold in the Android Market at a price of $ 4.96 , which we have prepared the latest version for you in Usroid today , and you can download it for free and with one click.


Download Coach's Eye - sports coach app for Android




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Download Coach’s Eye Android Application



Download Coach’s Eye Android Application



Download Coach’s Eye Android Application