Coal Mining Inc. v0.32 + Mod – “Coal Drilling Company” management and simulation game for Android
Normal version + mod version (infinite diamond) separately
Tested with offline performance

Coal Mining Inc. – Zaal Sang Drilling Company is another clicker and fun game of Lion Studios, the maker of games such as Big Big Baller  ,  Flip Trickster – Parkour Simulator  ,  Love Balls  ,  Happy Glass  ,  Slap That – Winner Slaps AllMr. Ninja or Merge Villa, which, like other games offered by this developer, has been developed for free and is available to Android players around the world on Google Play. This time, for the first time among all Iranian sites, Farsroid has introduced and published another hobby and management game in the simulation style, and has provided the latest version along with a modded version for download. Lion Studios is known for making a variety of games in a fun style, and one of the styles in which this game developer has offered many is the clicker and management style. Coal Mining Inc. One of these games that we intend to introduce and review in this article. Previous experience of Lion Studios has shown that the titles published by this American game company can be trusted enough. So stay tuned to take a look at the main features of this game.

Coal Mining Inc

Coal Mining Inc. Or Zaal Sang Drilling Company, as its name implies, is about the management of a large drilling company that operates in the field of coal mining and exploitation. With the start of the game, you go directly into the details and after some initial training, you can fully manage this collection. You can develop and expand your business by employing various forces, purchasing and using the necessary equipment and tools such as industrial and special drilling and mining machinery. You can also play Coal Mining Inc. Just like all similar games in the same genre, upgrade different sections and items and increase their performance in several levels to increase your income. Various and interesting parts to manage in Coal Mining Inc. There is something that can keep you entertained for a long time. In fact, you have the task of managing a multi-purpose product line. Follow your work from extracting coal with advanced drilling rigs, transporting it to the factory with trucks and unloading it in the production line rigs of your revenue cycle products. With the upgrade of each section, this process will be more advanced, faster and more efficient. You are able to upgrade your buildings and devices just like a manager with different strategies and make important decisions to be more successful in this company. To get more acquainted with the features of this game, you can watch the trailer video of its introduction, and then, if you wish, download the game in two modes, normal or mod, through Farsroid direct links.