Cobo Light Pro- Flashlight (LED Reminder Light) v1.33 – Android application to turn on a bright flashlight!
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Android smart devices, like other devices around the world, are made of different parts, one of the most important of which is the camera flash! Perhaps at first, the manufacturers of smart devices did not think that this small LED would be useful in many cases and developers would create various apps based on it. Cobo Light Pro- Flashlight (LED Reminder Light) Ad-Free as a special and compact application to turn your Android device into a flashlightBright is developed by IKMY TECH and published in the big market of Google Play. Just install the above program to have a fast flashlight anywhere and anytime! There are various capabilities and features in the list of these smart flashlight tools, one of the most popular of which is undoubtedly LED reminder. LED reminder helps your users to be notified as soon as they receive any call by screen light or camera flash and never miss their important calls. Unlike some similar software, no menu or complex options can be seen on the application page, and even the most novice Android users are able to meet their flashlight needs with it.

Some features and capabilities of Cobo Light Pro-Flashlight (LED Reminder Light) Android application:

  • Supports both camera or screen flash modes for ambient lighting
  • Enable or disable the app with just the touch of an option
  • Sos mode to call for help in an emergency
  • Reminder to receive calls with two beautiful screen themes
  • Interesting mode of displaying words in LED light
  • Adjust the number and amount of flashing flashes to your liking

Application Cobo Light Pro- Flashlight (LED Reminder Light ) to take advantage of a variety of features and functionality that has been downloaded by tens of thousands rated 4.5 out of 5.0 by Google to users who can now use the newest version without ads Download the complete software from the powerful servers of Usroid site.

Version v1.33 changes:

* Program fixes + new features


Cobo Light Pro