ColApp – Glitter Text Effects v1.0.6 – Professional app for adding text to Android images and videos
Purchased and complete version of the app for $ 1.99

Android operating system software is developing day by day and provide a variety of features to their users. Compared to the last few years so far, the most progress can be seen in the photo editing tools that provide a variety of features to their users. If you look at social media, you will easily understand this progress; To the extent that many influencers do the editing process with their smartphones. Usroid website as one of the best Persian language Android websites with an experienced team has provided you with the best of these softwares so far, in this post we want to introduce you to the new startup. ColApp – Glitter Text EffectsTitle is a professional application for adding text to images and videos, developed by Maryana Efendieva and published on Google Play. This great software with the set of features that it provides to their users allows you to easily put all your text on multimedia files. As we mentioned, one of the main features of this program that distinguishes it from other tools is the system of adding text to images and videos at the same time, so you do not need other additional tools to add text. You do not have your videos. All you have to do is call up the file you want and add the text to your files in the shortest possible time. In this software, there are several fonts at your disposal that you will be able to add to the images according to your needs and personalize at a very high level.

Some features and capabilities of ColApp – Glitter Text Effects Android app:

  • Ability to add text to images and video files
  • Very simple environment without any complicated options
  • Access to a variety of fonts
  • Ability to personalize texts at very high levels
  • Very high speed in providing output with unparalleled quality
  • A collection of various colors to add to your text
  • Insert text in different parts of images and video files

The ColApp – Glitter Text Effects app has been released by its developer for $1.99 on Google Play, taking advantage of its special features and feature set, and you can now purchase the latest version without any restrictions from the massive web database. site Usroid downloaded. This app is introduced at your request.


ColApp - Glitter Text Effects