Cold Launcher [ROOT] v10.1 Final – launcher ultra-lightweight and stylish “cool” Android
for the functioning freezing program should your phone be rooted
paid version and the full worth $ 1.99 to you

Cold Launcher is a fast, simple, small and excellent launcher with the possibility of freezing applications for Android , which renzhn studio has offered in both free and paid versions in the Play Store, and now we intend to introduce the full paid version. Priced at $ 1.99 For sale! This launcher is one of the newest Android launchers, which, with its extremely light environment, is one of the best choices for phones with medium hardware, which provides users with the facilities of the best launchers available in a smooth and log-free environment! High execution speed, low volume compared to the program features and the possibility of changing the size of the icons are just some of the features of this launcher that has become the first choice for many users these days! Half of Cold Launcher’s focus is on managing apps and freezing them, which is a great advantage, especially for phones with weaker processors! If you are looking for a simple, beautiful and full-featured launcher software to have on your Android phone or tablet, Cold Launcher will undoubtedly attract your attention.

Some features of Android Cold Launcher Root:

  • Transform the user interface of the device with a beautiful interface
  • Freeze / Unfreeze installed programs and games
  • Ability to easily hide icons by you
  • Drawer support for easy access to applications
  • Extensive settings for launcher customization

The Cold Launcher application currently has a score of 4.3 out of 5.0 in the Play Store . In Usroid, we provide you with the final paid version for free, and you can download it with one click; This program, like other programs on the site, has been tested by us and has been run without any problems, and it is better to know that your device must be rooted to perform the freezing process.

Changes in version v10.1:

* Various optimizations and bug fixes.


Cold Launcher




Additional information about Cold Launcher and freezing programs:

 Many mid-range and down-to-earth phones, if you install the Facebook and Line applications at the same time, will experience slowdowns and internal performance, so that in most cases users will have to uninstall one of these heavy applications, and only when If they need it, they will reinstall it. But with the help of the ability to freeze or disable applications, which is one of the functional features in Android, applications go into a state similar to hibernation and will not be any different from being removed from the device. The application is still installed on your phone, but does not have the slightest effect on the speed and performance of the phone; Because it is completely disabled and it is not even possible to run it. If you are looking for the advantage of this and the difference with deleting the application, we must say that the only feature and difference of this action is the constant presence of heavy applications on your phone and no need to reinstall and apply settings (such as Facebook login information) in them . After freezing the applications, with just one click and within one second, the desired application will be ready to use.