[Color Pop Effects: Black & White Photo v3.5 [Unlocked – Attractive black and white effects application Android images Unlocked
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All users of social networks or messengers edit different parts of selected photos before sharing their pictures with their friends. In these edits, special effects and filters are always applied to the images, which multiplies their attractiveness. Due to this, the developers of image editing applications add new effects to each version of their applications, but there are always effects that thousands of people use every day. Of course, you have also seen images that the whole image is in black and white and only part of it is in color! Contrary to many users’ beliefs, creating such photos is easy and does not require any special knowledge. Color Pop Effects: Black & White Photo FullTitle is a special and popular application for applying special black and white effects on images, which was developed by KITE GAMES STUDIO for Android and published in the big Google Play Market. This app allows its users to put black and white effects on their photos away from any complex environment and keep only part of the image in color. Apart from the main feature of this small but popular startup, there are other features in it, the most important of which are endo and redo actions; These two functions help you not to start editing again from the beginning when editing photos and any errors, and to go back or forward one step just by touching an option. Change the color of anything after applying the black and white effect and highlight it to get more attention.


Color Pop Effects : Black & White Photo


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