Compass Pro (Altitude, Speed, Location, Weather) v2.9 Compass with Camera and Special Map for AndroidPremium version of the app with access to all features and capabilities

Navigation has seen various methods throughout history, including the use of stars, the direction of the sun, riverbeds, and so on. However, these methods were not very efficient and often not usable, which prevented humans from going on long-distance trips and limited them to living within their birthplace. Until the invention of the compass, which displays geographical directions in all parts of the earth and under any weather conditions. With the compass, humans were able to embark on long sea voyages and discover many lands. The use of a compass alongside a map was a revolutionary method in navigation that is still widely used today. Nowadays, maps have gone online, and they can be easily accessed on smartphones. Additionally, smartphones mostly have a compass sensor that enables more accurate and reliable navigation. Usually, there is no separate section for using the compass on Android phones, or if there is, it is very simple. Today, we have an application that provides professional and comprehensive features for working with the phone’s compass.

Compass Pro (Altitude, Speed Location, Weather) is a complete and professional compass application, designed for the Android operating system, developed by the GPS Dragon software group and published for free on Google Play. This application is designed for both amateurs and professionals, providing professional and comprehensive features in a simple and easy-to-use user interface. In addition to displaying the device’s status in relation to geographical directions, it also shows information such as location, altitude, speed, magnetic field, barometer, and more. Using the indicator in the application, you can determine a specific arc to see the angle with a particular direction during movement. In addition to this, the program also includes a map and a camera. The map has various styles and has all the features of regular maps, including the ability to send locations via SMS. The camera also has a night vision mode and adds the specifications and name of the location where you are on all the photos taken.

Some features and capabilities of the Compass Pro (Altitude, Speed Location, Weather) Android application:

  • Display information such as location, altitude, speed, magnetic field, barometer, and …
  • Show coordinates in various formats
  • Night vision photo taking with location tagging
  • Integrated with a map with complete and accurate features
  • Show weather conditions with high accuracy and details

The Compass Pro (Altitude, Speed Location, Weather) app has received 4.1 out of 5.0 ratings from Android users and has gained their satisfaction. You can now download the premium version of this app with all its features and capabilities for free from Usroid.


Compass Pro