Complete Delete v1.0 – Android file permanent deletion application, purchased version for
$ 0.99, presented to you
, introduced and introduced for the first time in Iran

You may have heard the term data recovery several times; This feature, which is also very useful in smart devices, makes it possible to restore some files with special tools in case of unintentional deletion. But this feature will not always be good and even in some cases it can be a headache. If we want to explain one of the biggest dangers of this work to you with an example, we can mention the use of used and second-hand smartphones! Before transferring and selling their Android device to another person, everyone first deletes its important and original files so that no one has access to them and can not misuse the information; But in many cases, it has been observed that due to ignorance, after selling the device, the buyer returns the previous files by recovery and creates problems for the seller.Complete Delete is a practical yet simple application for permanent file deletion , developed by Bored Hacker and published in the big Google Play Market. This software allows its users to delete their files and folders in just a few steps and in one go so that they can not be recovered! This will increase the security of the device when handing it over to other people and you will be sure that you will not face any problems later. Apart from the very easy and simple system of this app, there are three different levels of low, medium and high for deleting files, which you can use according to your file type.


Complete Delete


The Complete Delete app , backed by a very simple yet functional system, has been released by its developer for $ 0.99 on the Google Play Store, where you can now get the latest version purchased for the first time on the website. Download Persian language from the popular Usroid site.

Version v1.0 changes:

* Release the initial version of the app on Google Play