Complete Ear Trainer v2.6.0167 – Android App for Musician’s Listening Skill Exercises!
Original Version + Mod Version (Unlocked) Separately Available

Having a strong auditory system is one of the most essential needs for musicians of different instruments. Musicians with strong hearing have much more appealing music and never go out of rhythm and beat. Some musicians have inherited these skills, while others try to strengthen their hearing abilities by doing specific exercises in various fields. This has become an excuse to introduce an extraordinary startup in this field. Complete Ear Trainer is the title of an application for practicing the hearing skills of musicians, which has been developed by Binary Guilt Software for Android and published on Google Play. This software helps users to gradually strengthen their auditory system and increase their skills in playing music by providing them with access to a variety of options. More than 150 exercises and various tutorials are available to users in 4 levels and 28 different groups, and by spending time on each of them, your level will gradually increase, and you will witness greater abilities in yourself. All aspects of the auditory system are strengthened by this startup, and it tries to help you perceive even the smallest sounds!

Some features and capabilities of the Complete Ear Trainer Android app:

  • Improving hearing system in musicians
  • Over 150 diverse exercises in 4 different levels and 28 special groups
  • Performing exercises automatically from beginner to professional level
  • 5 octaves of real piano recorded sounds
  • Performing 21 exercises in game mode for long-term memory retention
  • Access to 7 different sound banks
  • Global statistics to track your progress
  • Very simple and attractive user interface

The Complete Ear Trainer app, with a variety of exercises to enhance auditory skills in music, has received an amazing score of 4.8 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. You can now download the latest official version of the app with its unlocked mode from the direct links on the Usroid website.

Version v2.6.0167 Changes:

* Custom exercises
* Troubleshooting the program


Complete Ear Trainer