ContactsX v2.1.7 – A simple contact management application for Android devices
Purchased version for $ 4.98

We all use different tools to manage the contacts of our smart device, each of which performs a specific activity in turn. Using different programs, apart from reducing the storage space of the device, slows down the functions and makes the Android device not have the necessary performance. ContactsX is a simple and comprehensive application for managing contacts on Android smart devicesDeveloped by Snow Technology and published on Google Play. This software with a set of unique capabilities makes users needless of any miscellaneous tools and enables them to have extremely powerful management on all their contacts. One of the most important capabilities of Contact X is to perform group operations; All you have to do is select a group of contacts so that you can send your emails and short messages as a group to them without any problems. Access the list of recent calls and view all types of incoming and outgoing calls without any shortcomings. The above program has various capabilities that you can read more about them.

Some features and capabilities of ContactsX Android application:

  • Professional management on all contacts
  • Create different groups and place any number of contacts among the groups
  • Ability to create group SMS and emails for existing groups
  • Different contact search modes
  • Intelligent group message transmission system
  • Add contacts and incoming messages to your favorites list
  • Access to a complete and comprehensive list of contact histories
  • Ability to filter call history based on various features
  • Add an image to any of your contacts

ContactsX application has been able to get a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 by Google Play users as one of the best contact management programs with its price of $ 4.98 . Now you can download the latest version of it for free from Farsid site. Receive; Our version can be installed and used on all Android devices.


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