Cooking Live – restaurant game v0.33.2.9 + Mod – “Life with Cooking” simulation and entertainment game for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlimited gold and diamonds) separately
Tested for offline play

Cooking Live – restaurant game – زندگی با آشپزی: Restaurant management game is a very well-made and enjoyable game from the Cyprus-based studio Matryoshka, the creator of games such as Farming Fever – Cooking Games and Rescue Team – time management game. It has been designed in a similar style but with a completely different gameplay. Usroid is proud to introduce and prepare this game for you, friends, exclusively in two versions: regular and modded, on the occasion of the release of its first official version for Android operating systems. With just one click, you can download this game. Cooking Live – restaurant game has a striking resemblance to similar games in this genre at first glance. However, the interesting approach of the developers has made it evolve into a game that is more unique and different from the common games in this field. Cooking Live – restaurant game is not just a regular restaurant management game, but a multi-purpose game. It has two main sections: cooking and customer management in the form of a restaurant management game, and the second section is about designing decoration and renovating old places. Usually, these two genres are so different that specific games are made for each of them, but Cooking Live – restaurant game is a unique combination of both genres, and the creators of this masterpiece deserve praise for successfully combining two specific genres in one game without adding a lot of volume to the game in the end.


Cooking Live - restaurant game


The game Cooking Live – restaurant game has a unique storyline that is enhanced by various characterizations. The main character of the game is a young and tasteful girl named Jane who has decided to use her cooking and restaurant management skills to the fullest. Jane is determined to travel to different parts of the world and collaborate with various restaurants to achieve success. However, this path includes many challenges and events, so Jane needs your help to accompany her on her journey to success. In the cooking section, like all similar games, customers are in front of you and show you their orders. You have to prepare customers’ orders very quickly. This part of the game is well taught with a short tutorial. With the money you earn in the game, you can develop your own kitchens and restaurants. Also, by completing each stage of the cooking stages, you receive a star. By spending each star, you can renovate and modernize one of your restaurant sections and create an attractive decor! The game Cooking Live – restaurant game can entertain anyone with any taste for a long time with its exciting gameplay and eye-catching designs. So, if you are looking for a fun yet challenging and exciting game, do not miss out on the game of life with cooking and get the latest regular or modified version of this title through direct links on Usroid.