Cooking Master Fever v1.3.5 + Mod – Fun and simulation game “Master loves cooking” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (unlimited money) individually
tested with offline performance

Cooking Master Fever – The name of a cooking-loving master is the name of an attractive and fantasy game in the style of management games from the simulation category, which is created by Together Fun Studio, the creator of works such as Ranmen Master , Lunch Box Master and Sushi Master – Cooking storyMade and released for Android devices. Chinese studio Together Fun is one of the most successful and active game studios in the style of cooking games and restaurant management. Cooking Master Fever is another game that with attractive and lovely features can entertain and even challenge any taste for a long time. Usroid, at the same time with the release of the new version of this game on Google Play, prepares it and along with a modded version of it for free and tested download, offers your service to friends and those who are interested in cooking and restaurant style games. Invites you to download this beautiful game. In this game, as its name suggests, you are supposed to play the role of a skilled chef who loves cooking and cook and serve a variety of foods and recipes in several different restaurants.


Cooking Master Fever


در Cooking Master FeverIn more than 150 attractive and lovely steps, you can prepare a variety of foods, including fast food, snacks, breakfast and مرحله and serve it to your customers. Like all games of this genre, you have a main desk and in front of it, customers who want to order food for you. They will place their order with you as soon as they reach the back of the table. The order is displayed as an image of what the customer wants to order. You need to prepare the order as soon as possible, which may include one or more different things, and deliver it to the customer. The sooner you do this and the less time customers have to wait, the more points you will earn. Conversely, if you take the time to prepare, customer satisfaction will decrease and your score will decrease. In Cooking Master Fever, when you go to higher levels, your customers and orders increase and your management skills are challenged. In Cooking Master Fever, you can use your money to buy more items or use automation devices to help with the delivery and ordering process. In this game, you will travel to different restaurants and gain many experiences of modern cooking. This beautiful and lovely game can be tested right now with a modded version of the serversDownload Usroid .