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CoolAntivirus Protection Suite v11 – a great Android antivirus and security application!
Paid, premium and paid version with all features

CoolAntivirus Protection Suite is one of the best, most complete and most different security applications from SOR ENTERTAIMENT Studio for Android, which is priced at $ 2.49 It has been released on Google Play, and as always, for the first time and at the same time with its release, we have decided to introduce the paid version in the presence of you, the users of Android devices. This software provides you with comprehensive and practical tools in the field of protecting your device against threats and malware, and with its powerful functions, prevents your device from overheating! Unlike other well-known antivirus companies that only end up finding viruses, the great CoolAntivirus Protection Suite app has more than 10 great features including real-time monitoring of suspicious items, monitoring the temperature of the device to prevent Increasing the temperature, optimizing different parts and و can be the best option for you who are looking for an antivirus , optimizer and security application; Be.

Some features and features of CoolAntivirus Protection Suite Android:

  • Comprehensive protection of the device against viruses and malware
  • Control the temperature of the device to prevent overheating and explosion
  • Complete and comprehensive review of all programs installed on your device
  • Automatically check licenses required for all dangerous and suspicious programs
  • Powerful antivirus with functional functions for total removal of found viruses
  • Optimizer tools such as memory cleaner, battery optimizer and more
  • Very simple and beautiful user interface with support for two languages ​​- English and Spanish

Application CoolAntivirus Protection Suite is now at the Play Store has rated 5.0 out of 5.0 that we Farsrvyd first version it first before you owners of Android devices introduced and we can paid version and complete it with a single click and for Get it for free.

V13 version changes:

* Added new features + various optimizations


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