CoreBooster – App and Game Booster v4.1.1-rc6 – Professional application for increasing the speed of Android games and applications!
The optimized and complete version of the program worth $ 5.49 is presented to you, Usroid regular companions

Each of the Android smart devices has different hardware compared to each other, which over time and with the continuous use of these components, their speed is gradually reduced, and in some cases when running games or applications with problems such as delays in You are faced with executing commands. In addition to hardware issues, these issues can also be related to software issues. In such a situation, users go to optimizer apps, and in this post we are going to provide you with one of the best ones. CoreBooster – App and Game Booster is a professional application for increasing the speed of Android games and applications, which was developed by Lineware and published on Google Play. This program helps to increase the speed of your smartphone by providing a set of different features and options and you will never face any delay in executing commands. One of the most important features of the above startup is the use of all processor cores; It calls all the CPU cores and uses them all to experience a super speed. If you take a look at the menu after installation, you will know that the development team has designed many optimization commands for gamers, which can increase the FPS received and multiply the quality of games. If you think the RAM speed has slowed down, touch just one option and free up a significant amount of your smartphone’s RAM space by stopping all background apps. Just note that some options in this application require root access to run!

Some features and capabilities of CoreBooster – App and Game Booster Android app:

  • See better benchmark results after installation
  • Use all processor cores with maximum frequency
  • Clear RAM from running programs
  • Different themes for gamers
  • Intelligent RAM management
  • Clear device cache to speed up and free up data storage space
  • Automatic system stopping unnecessary programs
  • Fully automatic selection of selected programs
  • Main screen widget to use the features with a single hint
  • Optimize battery consumption
  • Awesome and simple user interface


CoreBooster – App and Game Booster application with various features and capabilities in the field of optimizing the speed of smartphones has been released by your developer for free with payment within the network of $ 5.49, which you can now download the latest full version get it with access to all features from Usroid website.


CoreBooster - App and Game Booster