Correlate – Symptoms Diary And Habits Tracker Pro v1.20 – Android Smart Health Journal

Everyone has bad or good habits according to their personality or daily activities; Sometimes these bad habits are due to mental or psychological problems that the person himself does not realize! Continuing these behaviors may cause unwanted harm to those around us. Correlate – Symptoms Diary And Habits Tracker Pro The title of an Android smart health journal published by Cosmic Pie Design. This great tracker with the necessary tools allows you to record all your daily behaviors and be able to follow your habits. The existing smart system helps you find the connection between your behaviors and your bad habits and know what problems you are suffering from. Control your stress and help change bad habits by changing your behaviors. Record the existing internal calendar of all behaviors in great detail so that you have full access to previous information at any time and place. Take the advice provided by the software seriously and increase your quality of life by implementing them.

Some features and capabilities of the Correlate – Symptoms Diary And Habits Tracker Pro Android app:

  • Pursue good or bad habits on a daily basis
  • Discover the connection between your habits and mental illness
  • Eliminate stress and overcome anxiety
  • Intelligent analysis system to provide useful suggestions
  • Access to a set of behavioral information at any time
  • Record medical symptoms along with your behaviors
  • Replacing appropriate behaviors with inappropriate habits
  • Get output to share information with your friends
  • Track your eating habits and how they relate to your behaviors

The Correlate – Symptoms Diary And Habits Tracker Pro application, with the benefit of a special and completely different feature, has been able to get a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with a price of $ 2.99, which can now be purchased from the website Download Usroid .


Correlate - Symptoms Diary And Habits Tracker Pro