Coves KWGT – Neumorphism inspired widgets v9.0 – Ready and beautiful Neomorphism widget package Android application
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In a simple comparison, it can be understood that Android is one of the best and most complete operating systems in the field of screen personalization. Android users can change anything they want to their liking. In a way, the quality and type of user interface depends only on the users and their tastes, because with just a little knowledge you will be able to make large changes to the UI. However, many developers have tried to increase the ability of users in this field by introducing various software. Each of these tools and software will change the screen in a specific way and affect a part. As a user, we can change wallpapers, default shortcuts, widgets and icons. If you look at the list mentioned, you will easily understand that many users can not maneuver in the widgets section and easily replace them. There are several ways to use specific widgets, one of which is to design the widget yourself! But in this case, in addition to having free time, you need to be creative enough in this area. For those users who do not have enough time for such tasks, using ready-made widgets is one of the best options available.Coves KWGT – Neumorphism inspired widgets is the title of the ready and beautiful Neomorphism widget package, which was developed by Vignesh Vicky and published on Google Play. This unique pack allows you to select your favorite widgets in a short time and with just a few touches of the screen and give a special effect to the user interface. Just install the KWGT software as a prerequisite and surprise your friends! There are more than 100 different widgets at your disposal, the use of each of which depends only on you and you will be able to make changes in them if necessary. The widgets in this collection are designed in both dark and light modes, which you can take full advantage of depending on the type of screen.


Coves KWGT - Neumorphism inspired widgets


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