CPU Control Pro v3.1.5 – An interesting and simple application for managing Android CPU,
the purchased version is offered to you for $ 1.99

It can be said for sure that smart devices without CPU are worthless and inefficient; The CPU for smart devices acts like the brain in the human body and issues all the commands. One of the most important features of Android devices is the ability to manage their CPU so that you can access all its information and view them. One of the easiest CPU management programs in Android CPU Control ProThis software, which is a product of The Smart Projects company, allows its users to easily monitor the CPU and adjust it according to their taste. One of the best features of CPU Control Pro is its support for changing the sending and receiving frequencies, so that you only need to detect the level of CPV resources required by the device to limit the frequencies in addition to very low battery consumption. Extend the life of your Android device; Adjust the received voltage as desired to get a better result than the issued commands. All you need to know is that using this program requires root access .

Some features and capabilities of Android CPU Control Pro:

  • View maximum and minimum CPU frequencies
  • Ability to adjust the transmitted and received frequencies to your liking
  • Professional I / O scheduling
  • View and adjust the highest and lowest voltage received
  • Access device information such as battery, device temperature and…
  • Access to complete information from the CPU
  • Various widgets for easier access to information
  • Super safe mode
  • Support for creating various profiles with special settings

CPU Control Pro application has received a score of 4.1 out of 5.0 due to its set of capabilities for users of rooted Android devices with a price of $ 1.99 . As always, do not miss this opportunity and receive the purchased version of this software full of features from the huge database of Usroid site .

Changes in version v3.1.5:

* Troubleshoot program + various optimizations.