CPU-X Pro v6 Full – a practical and simple application for displaying Android phone information for
$ 0.99 on Google Play – free for you

CPU-X Pro A new and useful application from Transformed Dev Studio for displaying hardware information on your tablet or Android phone , which was priced at $ 0.99 hours ago. Published on Google Play. By installing this software on your device, you can see information about it, in general, if you like all the information about your Android smartphone or tablet, including screen resolution, CPU power, CPU, kernel, etc. Know, we suggest you try the CPU X application. On the other hand, you may like to identify counterfeit phones from the original. This application software can also help you to identify genuine phones through hardware information! The following software includes 5 main tabs that display your phone hardware information in different categories separately.

Some features and capabilities of the CPU-X Pro Android application:

  • Checking CPU information (number of cores, CPU, amount of memory, etc.)
  • Check device information (model, brand , screen resolution, amount of RAM, etc.)
  • Display system information (Android version, API level, root access, etc.)
  • Display battery information (charge, voltage, temperature, health, etc.)
  • Sensor checker (accelerometer, barometer, compass, Bluetooth…)
  • Simple user interface without ads + instant update button changes

Now that we are introducing the CPU-X Pro application, it has no sales from Google Play and we provide it to you for free in Usroid. Other software in this field is introduced on the site, the most popular of which can be used CPU-Z , the latest version of which is available on the site and you can download it.

V6 version changes:

* Added new features.


Download CPU-X Pro 1.0 - an application for displaying information on your Android phone