Download Cracking Sands v1.0.4 game for Android with data file

Cracking Sands is a new and extremely beautiful game in the style of car games for the Android operating system, which brings a crash-style game to your Android phone. The premise of the game is that the land is now deserted after the devastating World War II, and only a few survivors survive. Civilization has changed and now communities are tribal and only one thing can raise or destroy your rank there; It is also a deadly match!

In this game , your cars are equipped with different types of weapons and you have to destroy your rivals by participating in various competitions and with the help of these weapons and go to the brink of victory. You can choose from a variety of characters and cars and enter deadly competitions and bring the ultimate excitement to your Android phone.

Some features of Cracking Sands Android game:

* Ability to play multiplayer with friends

* Provide high-powered fighter cars

* Ability to customize game characters

* Great and realistic graphics

* Racing in environments such as forest, desert and…

* Can be installed on all Android phones

Today in Usroid, we have put the latest version of the amazing Cracking Sands game for download, which you can download for your smartphone with one click.

 Note: We have put the apk file and game data together for download…

Data path: android / obb


Download Cracking Sands - Android crash game + game data




Download Cracking Sands Android APK + OBB


Download Cracking Sands Android APK + OBB