Crazy Zombie – Rapid Shooting v1.0.7 + Mod – Exciting Action Game “Crazy Zombies” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlimited money) separately
Tested by running offline

Crazy Zombie – Rapid Shooting – زامبی های دیوانه: شلیک سریع is an interesting and exciting game in the role-playing and arcade action game genre, published by the Chinese studio YOULOFT GAMES for free with in-app purchases and available on Google Play for Android players worldwide. For the first time among all Iranian websites, Usroid has provided the latest version of the game for download, tested and free of charge. It is worth mentioning that in addition to the original version available on Google Play, Usroid has also provided a separate mod version in the download section. Crazy Zombie – Rapid Shooting is designed in the Low-Poly style, which means that the game’s graphics are optimized and modeled in 6-sided designs. This style of design has been popular among developers for several years and has gained many fans. The reason why this type of design is suitable for both sides is that it does not require powerful renderings, which means that game developers and designers do not need to spend more on creating more graphic and complex games. On the other hand, because these games have simpler graphics, they attract a wider range of audiences, as millions of users around the world still use old and weak mobile phones or tablets that cannot run heavy and graphic-intensive games, and these games can be a great alternative for them.


Crazy Zombie - Rapid Shooting


The game Crazy Zombie – Rapid Shooting is one of these games that Poly style designs have been well applied in it, and the result is acceptable and appealing. The most interesting point about these designs is that although their graphic nature is optimized and simple, all modeling is three-dimensional and conveys the feeling of professional games well. Crazy Zombie – Rapid Shooting has nothing special in terms of story, and even the game maker has not made the slightest reference to it, and for this reason, it can be understood that this game is just an action and trick title. You are in the role of various fighters and characters who are trapped in a world full of zombies. You must move among the zombies with the help of various weapons and shoot them, and destroy them before they can harm you. Although the main style of the game is action, role-playing or RPG elements and elements are also seen in the game, including the ability to upgrade and personalize items in the game. Crazy Zombie – Rapid Shooting is an entertaining and interesting game that can be an attractive option for spending leisure time. The gameplay is One-handed, and you will be able to play the game with just one hand. You can now download the latest version of the Crazy Zombie game: Rapid Shooting from the Usroid download section and get ready for an exciting battle.

Attention: Start making money in your mod version to see infinite money coming in.