cronometer v3.3.4 – an interesting and popular Android health stopwatch application!
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cronometer is a web application for tracking nutrition and health data developed by Cronometer Inc for AndroidIt’s been published. Due to the increasing development of Android applications, there are different ways to achieve the ideal body, and by following the goals of each program, you will be able to reach the created weight in a short time and minimize the percentage of fat in the body. This compact and web-based software, by creating a very easy login system at the beginning of the run, allows its users to log in to their account without the need to register and only with a Google or Yahoo account. All information of each user is recorded daily and the amount of calories consumed is stored by each person. To use the features of the software in a completely accurate way, it is better to first enter your body information so that you can receive complete and comprehensive details through the application. The exercises and strategies used in the cronometer drastically reduce the process of gaining or losing weight, making it possible for anyone to reach their ideal weight without exposure to physical pressure. All information is recorded at the end of each day and according to the graphic diagram used in the application environment, a set of analyzed information will be provided to you. The set of features used in this health stopwatch is more than a calorie counter and amazes everyone in the early stages of using it.



Android chronometer


The cronometer health app has been released in the Android market for $ 2.12 due to its unique features and capabilities, and has been able to get a 4.7 out of 5.0 rating by attracting the attention of Play Store users . You can download the latest version for free from Usroid high-speed servers .