Crush the Castle Legacy v1.200.138 + Mod – A fun and entertaining game “Castle Destruction” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (full version unlock) separately
Tested with offline performance

Crush the Castle Legacy is an exciting and interesting game in the style of casual games (Casual) from the American studio Armor Games, which was made as a free game and has been released on Google Play for Android devices. This game has been introduced and offered for the first time among all Iranian sites by Usroid. In this article, from Usroid site, in addition to the original version, we have also prepared a modded version of this game, which we also present to you. Crush the Castle Legacy At first glance, it is modeled exactly on the Angry Birds series, especially the first series, Angry Birds Classic. Of course, using the word copy and imitation may be a better choice than the word modeling. However, the features, trends and general nature of this game are different and somewhat unique. While the Angry Birds game series is reduced to battles between birds and pigs in the form of cartoon and even childish games, Crush the Castle Legacy is related to ancient wars and in turn has a higher level of violence. Follow Usroid in introducing and reviewing more features of this game.


Crush the Castle Legacy


Crush the Castle Legacy, as mentioned, is a model modeled and imitated from the Angry Birds game series. In the Angry Birds game series, at each stage, you had to throw the birds towards the pig colonies with the help of a wooden bow and arrow, so that you could destroy the enemy base by hitting them hard against the colony walls. Now the same process is simulated in Crush the Castle Legacy, but instead of birds, you have to throw large stones and use catapults instead of bows and arrows. Your enemies are the ordinary soldiers who have taken refuge in their military bases and forts, which seem weak and destructible. Your job is to aim and throw huge stones with the help of catapults at the castles of the enemies. The most important thing in Crush the Castle Legacy is the amazing design of the game physics. The angle of the throw, the intensity of the throw and the place of impact are exactly proportional to the amount of damage done to the castles, and a very interesting and realistic destructibility has been designed for this part, which makes this game very attractive and exciting. According to the game’s creator, Crush the Castle Legacy has more than 300 stages in which you can earn more money and use more advanced military equipment such as bombs and… against defense towers and enemy military bases. The latest version of this game is now ready to be downloaded for free from the Usroid download box. Parts of the gameplay process of the game are shown in the trailer video of its introduction, and we have also prepared this video for you so that you can watch this video to get more acquainted with the castle destruction game.