Crush Them All v2.0.270 + Mod – “Destroy All” role-playing game for Android
Normal version + mod version (upgrade cost = zero!) Separately
Tested with offline performance

Crush Them All – A simple but well-made and interesting role-playing game with a combination of Clicker and Idle elements, which has been developed for free and has been released for the Android operating system. This game is released by the American studio Godzilab Inc. Farsroid has reviewed the latest version of this game on Google Play as soon as possible and released it along with a modded version for download. The creator of the game has used the word Idle Role Playing Game to describe its main style, and according to this claim, it should be said that although this game has a completely role-oriented nature, but its gameplay style is combined with clicker and fun elements. It has made it possible to consider this game as a kind of integrated game. In Crush Them All, you play the role of a group of heroes tasked with rescuing the life of a prince captured by monsters. You and your teammates must enter the lands of the demons and conquer them one after the other so that you can get to the place where the prince is hiding and imprisoned and save him and take him to the land of the kingdom. Return.

Crush Them All

ر Crush Them AllYou are actually in the role of the leader of a group of heroes. Your job is to manage this group, upgrade the characters and prepare them to fight the enemies. On the other hand, your enemies are also strange, giant and monster creatures that will destroy you very soon if you are not careful. You can first prepare your heroes and then send them to fight before starting the stages of Crush Them All. Then, even if you are not present, they will automatically continue their fight (Idle) and will earn you money and points. During the game stages you are able to collect better heroes and add them to your list of forces. You can also make your heroes stronger by upgrading their levels. According to Godzilab Inc., Crush Them All game has more than 1000 different stages, and this shows that fans of this type of game can have fun by installing this game for a long time. So if you are one of these people, you can now download the latest version of this game in a tested form fromUsroid . To get more acquainted with the game, destroy them all, you can see screenshots or video trailers of the game, and then, if you wish, download it from the download box and install it on your Android device. With over one million downloads on Google Play, Destroy All has scored a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 .

Note: In the game mode version you can do upgrades for free!