Signals, Auto Analysis, Alert – Crypto Pump Finder v4.1.5 – Digital Currency Trading Assistant Application for Android
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Signals, Auto Analysis, Alert – Crypto Pump Finder is a digital currency trading assistant application developed by Radian RGC and published on Google Play. With the unprecedented growth of bitcoin in recent days, we are witnessing an influx of people to digital currencies. Many people think that entering this trading market does not require special experience and knowledge, which also causes them to lose their capital in a very short time. However, there are people who have been able to make huge fortunes in a short period of time by trading cryptocurrencies. To thrive in this trading market, several specific factors must be considered and various tools used to thrive. You can see a set of tools on different operating systems; But the apps that are provided to Android users in this field are much more attractive! Signals, Auto Analysis, Alert – Crypto Pump Finder Crypto Pump Finder is exactly what increases your growth rate in the digital currency market. Unlike other startups, in this program, technical analysis is by no means time consuming and any information you need will be provided to you within a few seconds.

Crypto Pump Finder Automatic and intelligent currency password analyzer in Android

One of the main features of Crypto Pump Finder, which makes its use much more special, is the provision of automated analysis and intelligent purchase offers. At the moment we are writing this text, the above software offers the purchase of more than 15 tokens and currency codes; In total, all of them will grow by more than 301% in the coming hours! This advanced system helps even the most novice users to make decisions and allows them to earn a reasonable income from the global digital currency market while learning. The charts presented in this program are based on various indicators such as SMA7, SMA25, SMA99 and…. They are displayed that according to your ability and knowledge, you can take full advantage of each of them. 6 different time frames are available for all users, depending on your goals and desires in the trades.

Crypto Pump Finder 24-hour digital currency monitor

If you are a hunter, CPF (Crypto Pump Finder) is your weapon! This professional analysis tool monitors the digital currency market 24 hours a day, without any interruptions, to notify you of any changes in the charts. As mentioned in the above description, in addition to providing suggestions and forecasting the growth of currencies, you will be able to create alarms for each currency code. These alerts are activated if a chart of your choice is created and help you be notified of the change you want. Such a special feature not only helps to achieve the desired profit, but also prevents any errors in transactions.

Market pulse provides an overview of digital currency changes

As mentioned in the previous description, you must know that currency charts are provided to you in 6 different time frames. If you want to see the general changes in the appreciation or devaluation of currencies in each frame individually, just take a lot of time. Market pulse helps you to see the change in the value of the currency code in different time frames on a single page and make the best decision before buying or selling. In addition, the smart system automatically monitors all social networks and news agencies to provide the latest news in the field of digital currencies to its users. The news provided by Crypto Pump Finder is not ordinary news and their republishing will definitely have a special effect on the value of the target currency code.

Some features and capabilities of Signals, Auto Analysis, Alert – Crypto Pump Finder Android app:

  • Technical analysis of digital currencies to make the right decision
  • Provide special offers for buying and selling different currency codes
  • View charts in 6 different time frames
  • Moving Averages, Ichi Moka, Golden Cross, MACD and RSI indicators
  • Display sales volume at any time interval
  • Show sudden changes in the digital currency market
  • Set alarms to be notified of any changes in the market
  • See the momentary increase or decrease of currencies
  • 24-hour monitoring of the digital currency market
  • Provide detailed news of the currency crypto market in the heart of the Android application 

Signals, Auto Analysis, Alert – Crypto Pump Finder application with one of its special features and capabilities in the field of cryptocurrency trading is one of the best options available to increase profitability in transactions. However, the above software has been able to attract the attention of thousands of Android users and receive a score of 4.3 out of 5.0 by them. Now you can download the latest professional version of it without any restrictions in the mentioned facilities from Usroid website.


Signals, Auto Analysis, Alert - Crypto Pump Finder