Cubasis 3 – Music Studio and Audio Editor v3.1.2 – The most powerful mix song app for Android The purchased and complete version of the app is priced at $ 70.99 and the first release in Iran is prohibited.   

If you are a little familiar with the process of composing songs, you know that each song contains different pieces of sound that are played and recorded by different musicians. In some songs, all the musicians play the song simultaneously and side by side, but in most cases, this is how each musician does it individually. Mixing and mastering tools are needed to be able to combine these pieces of music together and ultimately achieve a complete song. In the past, these tools were large and complex devices that were used in music recording studios, but now, with the computerization of everything, these devices have also taken on a computer mode and can be installed on computers. became. For years, the so-called DAW software could only be installed on computers due to its heavy weight and high processing power, but now, with the advancement of smartphones and tablets, it is possible to install and use on these devices. Have also been found. So far, very successful examples of DAWs have been released for the iPhone and Android, but none of them are as good as the software power we introduce today in Usroid.Cubasis 3 – Music Studio and Audio EditorThe title is one of the best and most complete DAW apps for the Android operating system, developed by Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH and priced at $ 70.99 on Google Play. The very high price of this program indicates its extraordinary value. Kyubisis 3 turns your phone into a complete music studio and enables you to create great songs. The quality of the result is so high that no one will notice that your song is made on a mobile phone. Instead of inventing a new user interface, the makers of Cubisis 3 have tried to make everything look like popular computer DAWs, so that those familiar with the software can easily work with Cubisis as well. . Of course, the Cubist interface is optimized to make it easier to touch.

Some features and capabilities of Cubasis 3 – Music Studio and Audio Editor for Android :

  • It has an unlimited number of audio and MIDI songs
  • 32-bit audio engine floating
  • Input / output audio resolution up to a maximum of 24 bits / 48 kHz
  • Stretch time and change live steps with zplane élastique 3
  • Micrologue virtual analog synthesizer with 126 pre-configured stations ready for use
  • MicroSonic with more than 120 virtual audio instruments, from acoustic piano to a set of drums
  • MiniSampler includes 20 factory instruments to create its own instruments
  • Mixer with studio degree channel bar for each song and 17 effect processors
  • Master Strip plugin set with great effects
  • DJ’s fully automatic plugin like Spin FX
  • More than 550 MIDI audio loops and Timestretch-capable loops
  • Virtual keyboard, cord and drum pad with interactive user interface for repeating notes
  • Audio editor and MIDI editor with support for MIDI CC
  • MIDI Editor for programming and editing MIDI songs with high speed and performance
  • MIDI Auto Quaniz
  • Ability to copy cracks
  • Automation support, MIDI CC, application change and After Effects
  • Sound and MIDI compatible hardware
  • Supports MIDI clock and MIDI thru
  • Issue to Cubase, Google Drive, external hard drives, wireless flash drives, Dropbox and more
  • It has a user interface very similar to popular and popular computer DAWs to make it easier to migrate to the program.
  • It has all the usual tools in advanced DAWs, a complete composition studio in your hands
  • Ability to group different cracks to apply a specific effect on all of them
  • Full-screen mixer: Easily increase mixer size and more.
  • Ability to zoom in on cracks vertically and horizontally for more accurate editing
  • 960 PPQN MIDI resolution: دقیق MIDI audio editing at the highest possible level
  • Has 8 inserts and 8 send effects: Create high-pitched songs with flexible effects.
  • FX reset: Reset the plugins quickly and change the position before or after them.
  • Pre-Grade Effects Preview: Create songs using the available great pre-settings.
  • Back to History List: Quickly go back to previous versions of your song and edit your work.
  • Audio Editors, MIDI and New Automation: File editing is much more efficient
  • Modified MediaBay: Your brand new control center for file and project management
  • Ready-to-measure UI settings for smartphones and tablets: Change the Cubasis layout quickly and easily
  • Overdub and looper recording mode: Choose the best mode for your recordings
  • Filling MicroSonic Tools: Be creative with new instruments and great sound.
  • The stability of the program is very high and you will not notice any cracks or crevices while working with it.

The Cubasis 3 app – Music Studio and Audio Editor is a great app that can’t be found on the whole of Google Play. With the satisfaction of Android users, this application was able to get a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. Now you can download the purchased version of this program along with all the features and capabilities from Usroid completely free of charge.

Note: The program is only for devices with ARM64 processor and is not installed on arm devices.

Changes to version v3.1.2 : 

* Updates include user-requested tools as well as troubleshooting and applying their suggestions.


Cubasis 3