Cube Escape: Birthday v3.0.5 – Adventure and puzzle game “Escape from the Cube: Birthday” for Android The
eighth official game of the popular Cube Escape game series
tested with offline performance

Cube Escape: Birthday – Cube Escape: Birthday is the sixth title in the Cube Escape series of adventure-style games   with enigmatic and puzzle elements, which has been released in the form of another free game in the series for Android phones and tablets. . Usroid, this time as the first Android website in Iran , has arranged another game from the popular Cube Escape series for you dear ones, and has provided the latest official version for free and tested download. Cube Escape game series including titles like Cube Escape: Seasons  ,  Cube Escape: Arles  ,  Cube Escape: The Cave or Cube Escape: Case 23 Rusty Lake is one of the most popular puzzle and puzzle games. In all its games that have been released in different series, the company always refers to the word Rusty Lake in a special and interesting way, which is the name of an unknown and mysterious place in all these games. This has been applied to all of the studio’s games, including the Cube Escape series, and Cube Escape: Birthday is no exception. The creator of the game says that the story of the game Escape from the Cube: Birthday is part of the main story of the Rusty Lake series.


Cube Escape: Birthday


In Cube Escape: BirthdayYou travel to the cold winter of 1939. The day the 9th birthday of the main character of the game that you control. Your family, even though they look like a normal family, have organized a small celebration for your birthday. But what we have always learned from Rusty Lake Studio games is that nothing is normal in the company’s games! The same situation prevails in Cube Escape: Birthday. It all starts with this little family celebration. Music, a birthday cake and of course a strange and mysterious gift are the most important elements of this birthday for this 9-year-old child. Everything is going well until suddenly an unexpected guest enters the house! This guest will be a kind of messenger of a tragedy for you and will cause unpleasant memories to be reconstructed in another way. Maybe it’s time to face this issue and control it once and for all. Can you use the presence of this uninvited guest to stop your dramatic memories or are you going to fall prey to this strange and mysterious past? Everything depends on you. Cube Escape: Birthday game in terms of graphic design, just like other games in this series, is made with cartoon designs and hand drawings, and its gameplay is made in the form of a Point and Click title. This is a very beautiful game to earnExcellent score of 4.8 out of 5.0 is now available for testing and free download for download from Usroid servers.