Cube Escape: Harvey’s Box v4.2.2 – The enigmatic and intellectual game “Escape from the Cube: Harvey’s Box” for Android The
fourth official game in the series of popular and attractive Cube Escape
games tested with offline execution

Cube Escape: Harvey’s Box – Cube Escape: Harvey’s Box is the fourth title in the Cube Escape series of games produced by the Dutch company Rusty Lake, which, like the rest of the games in this series, was made and designed for free and offered on Google Play to be available to players Android worldwide. Usroid presents this game in a tested and free way and announces that it is proud to have introduced all the games in this series separately. In other content of the site, we publish other parts of the Cube Escape series such as   Cube Escape: Theater  ,  Cube Escape: Seasons  ,  Cube Escape: Arles  ,  Cube Escape: The Cave  ,  Cube Escape: Paradox  ,  Cube Escape: Case 23Cube Escape: Birthday وWe have done Cube Escape: The Lake and you can be directed to the special page of that game by clicking on the name of each of these games and download the latest official version of that part of Usroid. All of these games are designed with adventurous themes but with different stories, in all of which, one end of the story is connected to the famous lake of this series of games or Rusty Lake. This lake, which has a mysterious and mysterious story in the form of a triple game, is the most important element in almost all games made by this studio.


Cube Escape: Harvey's Box


در Cube Escape: Harvey’s BoxThe story is about a parrot named Harvey who is trapped in a cardboard box and is traveling to Rusty Lake. It is not clear who the owner or the person who put him in this cardboard is and what the purpose of this person is to travel to this mysterious area. Whatever the story, Harvey does not care because he just wants to escape from this cardboard box. In this box, various things such as a comb, a fruit, a pack of cigarettes, matches and other items can be seen. Harvey must cleverly use these devices to get out of the box. To reach his goal, he has to solve various puzzles and riddles, all of which seem to be somehow related to each other. Will he be able to escape in the time he has to get out of the box? What awaits him in Rusty Lake? Should Harvey get some clues from the strange riddles that come his way? These are the questions you need to answer during the game and by doing the puzzles. The whole Cube Escape: Harvey’s Box is designed just like the other games in the Point and Click style, and everything in this game is designed in the form of moving puzzles. This beautiful game for free and tested from the serverUsroid is available for download. If you want to know more about this game, watch the trailer video or screenshot images at the end of the article, and then, if you wish, download the latest version from the download box.