Curtain v1.1.0 – App to reduce eye fatigue and remove blue screen light on the Android screen
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One of the most vital organs of the human body is our eyes, which in the event of any injury, our whole life suffers. Meanwhile, people who work with smart systems and computers for hours a day are more damaged and get into trouble sooner. It is also better to know that the source of this damage is the blue light on the LED screens, which The effect on the optic nerves disrupts their function and affects vision in the long run. Curtain application developed by UNI-UNI for Android operating systemPublished by removing the blue light of the screen to help you make your eyes less tired. There are 6 different colors to eliminate blue light and replace it, which you can use to minimize damage. In addition, there are four different modes for using this filter, which you can put shortcuts on your screen and activate or deactivate the settings of each option by just touching each one. Outdoor mode is also embedded in the program so that you can turn off the blue light at any time with special settings if you need to and leave the house.

Some features and capabilities of Curtain Android application:

  • It has four different modes for changing filters
  • 6 unique colors to replace the blue light of the screen
  • Save your desired settings and add it to your favorites list
  • Create shortcuts for quick access to different modes
  • The procedure is very easy and activate the app with one touch
  • Has an outdoor mode to apply special settings

Curtain application has been able to get an unparalleled score of 4.8 out of 5.0 with only 50 active downloads and a price of $ 0.99 , which you can now download the purchased version from Usroid and become the first global users of the program’s capabilities. Test.

Changes in version v1.1.0:

* Add color change feature in toolbar
* Troubleshoot