Custom Formulas v8.0 – Android application for making custom formulas for
the purchased version for $ 1.99

Each math calculator follows a specific formula, and to get some answers you have to go through them, but sometimes there are some personal calculations and there are no specific formulas for them or a personal formula for easy. As you write your calculations, you will need to use one of the programming languages ​​to convert the formula, but in this post we want to give you a simpler solution. Custom Formulas Paid is a great app for building your custom computing formulas for Android with BinaryEarth developed and published in the Google Play Android Market. Easily convert Word values ​​to multiple different formulas and get multiple values ​​as output. One of the best features of this smart app is its support for categorizing all the created formulas, so that to access them more easily, all you have to do is go to the desired manipulation and perform all kinds of calculations. Easily save any of the formulas in a text file so you can share them with your friends.

Some features and capabilities of Android Custom Formulas program:

  • Create completely custom formulas for a variety of values
  • Display multiple output values
  • Get the output of formulas with variable names
  • Access to three preset formulas
  • Issue formulas created in text files
  • Share your favorite formulas
  • Categorize all formulas in different groups

Relying on its special ability to create personal and custom formulas, the Custom Formulas application has been able to get a score of 4.6 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with its $ 1.99 price , which can now be the latest version purchased. Download from the great Usroid site.


Custom Formulas