Cut Paste Photos & Video Frames v1.9 – application for removing and changing video backgrounds for Android,
premium and full version of the program worth $ 8.99, presented to you dear ones

Editing software is one of the most popular startups on Android devices that eliminates the need for expensive computers and allows users to solve their problems without any special knowledge. Part of this tool is photo and video editing apps, which naturally have many fans. Usroid website, as the best Persian language Android website, has introduced several various programs in this field so far, and in this post, we also want to introduce you to a new software. Cut Paste Photos & Video FramesIs the title of an application for removing and changing video and image backgrounds, which was developed by Z Mobile Apps and published on Google Play. Using various features and capabilities, this software provides the conditions to freely delete the background of any type of image or video and replace it with a more attractive background. One of the reasons for the popularity and high score of this software by Google Play users is the set of options in it that help to automatically remove the background or specify the border you want. One of the most important applications of the above app is to create thumbnails for video files or video posters, which is very interesting in its kind. After removing unwanted objects from your images, adjust the color and light in them and make sure you do not need other software.

Some features and capabilities of Cut Paste Photos & Video Frames Android app:

  • Ability to delete all or part of the background of images and video files
  • Make thumbnails for videos
  • Ability to create video posters without any restrictions
  • A set of tools for making changes to images and clips
  • Automatically detect and delete background or select borders manually
  • Supports both endo and redo modes for maximum error reduction
  • Adjust the brightness and contrast of images before storage
  • Storage of original and original quality output files

Application Cut Paste Photos & Video Frames With a set of features and capabilities that various editing of images and video files for free with in-network $ 8.99 has been released and managed to score 4.4 out of 5.0 by users, Google receive You can now download the latest premium version from the large, popular and popular Usroid website .


Cut Paste Photos & Video Frames